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Hey folks! I would just like to start an open discussion on the topic of Order's Blessings. Having almost exclusively played Order I feel like the blessings we have on offer are quite underwhelming given that the majority of champions have a rather tricky sequence of quest requirements in order to unlock them.
It is also worth comparing their overall power level to that of other Alliances. I feel like the blessings of other Alliances are significantly more powerful and game-changing in comparison, despite being easier to unlock (I'm looking at you Chaos and Destruction).

What are your thoughts?


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    I believe the general power level of our blessings is fine, although some are on the weaker side and are overall ill-suited for a game where blessings are randomly revealed.
    Most order blessings only come to be useful at very specific points in the game, making them really hit or miss depending on how fast/slowly you get to reveal them.

    Having at least tried most of them, here's how they compare in my opinion:

    Abjuration isn't bad per say, but it is rightfully underwhelming and so for a wide array of reasons: First, you sacrifice duration for a meager 4 damage, which is never worth it. It affects between 2 and 3 units tops, it can get even lower if you get unlucky and proc it in front of a wizard in the right/leftmost side of the board.
    All that makes abjuration a very low value blessing compared to most, since you get 2 turns where 3 units are dormant and 4 damage at best, and 2 turns with no units dormant and 4 damage at worst.

    Armour of destiny:
    Oh this is a weird one for sure. One of the blessings which really suffer from the randomness of the blessing mechanics. Getting it before being smacked by big hitters is amazing value, anything else is almost always terrible.
    Value stands between 3 and 15 which is extremely high variable and thus unreliable. Healing storm is a bad blessing value wise, but it is still better than this most of the time, and both don't actually help you win the game.

    Blessed weapons:
    This one is good, it isn't groundbreaking, but it is good. A guaranteed 10 value blessing isn't anything to scoff at, and it is completely reliable while actually helping you win the game.

    Divine blast:
    This one is harder to evaluate since it can't be evaluated by sheer value alone. Relying on value, this card is barely reaching blessed weapons level of value.
    We know for a fact that healing is outvalued by damage in this game. Obviously since healing won't actually help you win the game, for the same amount of card and rotations, you should get more healing than damage. That's why warding light heals for 4 and damages for 4 on a third corner, because its overall value isn't actually 8 but something closer to 7, in line with other spells with the same amount of corners.
    This means that Divine blast is barely above lightning bolt's level of effective value. However, Divine Blast is instant and doesn't have to be played from hand, which shouldn't be underestimated in decks that want to beat the opponent extremely fast with no reliance on self preservation. Think something like Castellant decks.
    I don't like this blessing, since its value is fairly low, but I can't deny its utility, especially in agressive and fast decks. 6 damage is actually quite a lot on top of your rotating units/spells and will either win you the game at the right time, or force the opponent in a very defensive situation. Getting it too early might make it less worth it overall than other blessings but it is never lost value, unlike armour of destiny for instance.

    Healing storm:
    This is a filler blessing, only valuable if you're either beginning or playing a very specific kind of control oriented deck that intends to mill your opponent.
    It does absolutely nothing to help you win the game, rather it helps you in "not losing it" which amounts to nothing if you can't reduce your opponent's life total to 0.
    Again, it might just give you the kick you need to survive a little bit more, but all of that is completely meaningless and anecdotal, since it will only matter in a handful of situations. At the end of the day, you want to reveal blessings that will help you towards your goal (winning) rather than blessings that may or may not stall enough to net you the win through another means.

    Pennant of sigmaron:
    This one is entirely dependant on the type of deck you play. It can either be absolutely ridiculous or average. But it is never a bad blessing.

    Savage loyalty:
    This blessing is nuts, the sheer value is through the roof, and in a beast deck (obviously) it will simply net you the win after your board has been well developed. Your opponent's only options are either to systematically remove all of your beasts (which is impossible and very taxing in both actions and cards) before dealing damage to you or dealing nothing but really heavy blows that outvalue Savage loyalty's damage. Coupling that with 1 or 2 Lord-Castellant borders on sadistic and this should be auto-included in every beast deck.

    Storm forge:
    This one suffers a lot from the random factor. You'll want to play it in a stormcast heavy deck obviously, and afterwards... You either get it early and have one of the most valuable blessing in the entire game, no contest. Or get it late and watch it barely do anything. It's a bit of a gamble, but might actually be an auto-win in most scenarios if you pull it out first in a stormcast heavy deck. I might be underplaying the negative effect of overdrawing here, but honestly it almost never had any influence in the games where I played it, and I assume you'll be running at least 1 copy of restore the forge in a stormcast heavy deck so yeah, good card, if slightly fickle.

    Storm's descent:
    Very interesting one. Storm's descent doesn't get you any value upfront, but it does net you inderect value in a lot of situations.
    Its uses for now are extremely narrow, Double Castellant loves it, control should consider it, but apart from them, it's difficult to justify it over another blessing.

    Swift judgment:
    A bad divine blast. Way too unreliable, either comes out and does 4 damage, for that value you could've taken abjuration, or 9 damage; Wow, that's really good! But also really rare, and barely more value than Divine blast, which isn't unreliable.

    Aelf Blessings:

    Lliandra's last lament:
    This is just nice, having your units be unremovable is great for sure, and the protection effect is a nice bonus. Although the overall power level (especially if we consider how difficult Aelf champions are to rotate.) is a bit on the low side of things. It can net you a substantial amount of value, but none of it will be towards your opponent's demise, at least not directly.
    Good for an Aelf only deck if anything. I still believe it could be switched for something else (like blessed weapons for instance) even in Aelf only decks.

    Tides of death:
    Now we're talking! Oh wait, Aelves aren't very good... Now here's the thing, the card by itself is looking pretty good. Free card draw? Nice. Free actions? (Limited to playing a certain type of units but still) Nice! Mass backwards rotation? Fantastic!
    And then you remember that Aelves barely do any damage and are not worth rotating backwards in most cases, on top of it all being extremely hard to pull off.
    If you have one wizard (usually aspect of the sea) you already can't deploy an Aelf on every single line. If you played an Aelf to trigger the blessing, you are already taking up one space for 2 to 3 turns. Which means that you usually simply get 2 cards and a weak rotation out of the blessing.
    Don't get me wrong, Tides of death IS an auto-include in Aelves only decks imo, if only for the card draw and the chance at an amazing combo. But it is pretty unreliable.

    All in all, I think most criticism we can find for order blessings can be found for other alliances' blessings, either unreliable or completely ridiculous in the right decks.
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    (Had to double post since the full one was too long.)

    If you compare Order blessings to Destruction blessings you are going to be very sad very fast though. It isn't a stretch to say that destruction is slightly above the curve right now. (I wouldn't say by much, and the meta has yet to properly develop anyway, it's way too early for that.) Obviously, things like: Ushering of the Waaagh!; Cruisin' for a bruisin'; Smash and bash; Collar of domination, and such, are absolutely more valuable than our blessings in almost every situation. (Collar of domination nets between 0 and 32 points of value while being an almost auto-win against beast heavy decks. Ushering is basically a draw 3, get between 0 and 3 free deploy actions at random. Smash and bash can instantly win the game if pulled at the right time, and cruisin for a bruisin asks for you to simply play the game before delivering more than a third of your opponent's starting life total in damage.)
    Most of it is even more reliable than what order has, but the payoff is absolutely savage.

    At the end of the day, blessings can't be looked at in a vacuum, just like most cards in most card games, and while Order blessings might seem a bit weaker, they are actually pretty average and in line with the average blessing powerlevel in the game. Especially since we aren't taking into consideration the easy access order has to really strong mechanics like backwards rotation and restarts.
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    Thanks for posting! As an Order player this is very helpful and insightful.
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