Ranked Play Leaderboard Issue (Updated!)

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Hail, Champions,

You may have noticed that Ranked Play is now live and we hope that you already had the chance to battle for glory!
Unfortunately, we have noticed an issue where the Ranked Leaderboards are not being displayed. The team is working hard to resolve this currently and should hopefully have an update for Android later today with iOS to follow shortly thereafter. This issue does not affect Ranked Play nor your progress - once the Leaderboards have been reinstated you will be able to see how well you have been faring so far.

We will update you with more news regarding this as soon as possible.


  • ODogODog Posts: 24 Staff

    Hail Champions! Here's an update on all of the things gone on today!
    In regards to the server issues, this has now been resolved. You will need to RESTART your application, this means completely closing the app down and getting rid of it in the background if need be and then re-launching the application. :)
    In regards to the Ranked Leaderboards, Ranked Play Leaderboards is on Google Play, you will need to update the version should list as 0.10.3. We are waiting for app build approval for Apple and Amazon at this time.
    As ever thank you for your patience and continued support and if you have any issues please let us know!
    We'll keep you updated on the iOS/Amazon front.

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