Digital Game Issues - Update

Hail Champions!
Here's an update on all of the things gone on today!
In regards to the server issues, this has now been resolved. You will need to RESTART your application, this means completely closing the app down and getting rid of it in the background if need be and then re-launching the application. :)
In regards to the Ranked Leaderboards, Ranked Play Leaderboards is on Google Play, you will need to update the application, the version should list as 0.10.3. We are waiting for app build approval for Apple and Amazon at this time.
As ever thank you for your patience and continued support and if you have any issues please let us know!
We'll keep you updated on the iOS/Amazon front.


  • Xenith_IncXenith_Inc Posts: 32

    So I got an update today - where is the leaderboard and where can I find the number of people that have canned my cards? These are missing from this app build.

  • BoratiskoBoratisko Posts: 13

    klick on your avatar

  • Xenith_IncXenith_Inc Posts: 32


  • DiabloDiablo Posts: 32

    since the last update, the game always crashes when I want to build or edit a deck !

  • kingfede85kingfede85 Posts: 1
    Same kind of problems here: I got disconnected during a game and now it keeps failing to log in
  • RNG still sucks.

    Destro still ****

    And now the forums are plagued with BS bot ads.

    Well, this game was fun while it lasted.

    Off to KeyForge

  • laabsherlaabsher Posts: 4
    I'm having issues of editing any decks and having no missions listed. When I attempt to edit any deck, I get "Earn more cards to edit decks." I've scanned many booster cards and unlocked plenty of packs.

    I have had no missions since I've started playing this game. Any support at all, please?
  • kaintxukaintxu Posts: 1

    I don't want to sound harsh but the new ui is really annoying, but before that, let me get into a "bug" I came around.

    This is for Iphone X. When playing destruction, after using war rally or if usshering of the waaaash pops up, I'm having issues deploying my units. Even if I select them and drag them to the empty space, they wont go in. When the possible units expand after you cant the ability/blessing, they take too much room in the screen, and for some reason it wont let me pop them out.

    Back to the ui, well it's awefull. First of all I liked playing in protrait mode, much handier and easy to play with one hand, now, not so easy, second, the whole new interface is confusing, and the buttons and font are way to small and everything is hard to read.

    Please could you give the option to play in one way or the other based on preference, it's been 2 days and this is making me consider quitting.

  • BarryPittmanBarryPittman Posts: 1
    If you have more than about 7 cards in hand using the Steam app, then you can't see or play the left most cards.

    That is frustrating but maybe I am a noob and don't know a shortcut.
  • GodwinGodwin Posts: 17
    You can drag and rotate them.
  • BgkohBgkoh Posts: 5Applicant
    I'm having the same issue as laabsher above. I can't edit my decks due to the "Can't edit deck until you've earned more cards" issue. Really a big turn off having to delete the whole deck each time I want to change a card.
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