Questions about restart.

Specifically talking about Hurricane Raptor paired with surge of justice.

Imagine in lane 2 you have Wizard casting Surge of Justice on corner 1(X). And in lane 3 you have Hurricane Raptor also on corner 1(1).
Other lanes are empty.

On your next turn, Surge of Justice and Hurricane Raptor rotate one step forwards then apply their effects.

Surge of Justice applies its effect and restarts Hurricane Raptor back to corner 1. As Hurricane Raptor "restarts", his effect applies and he deals 1 damage. THEN we move to Hurricane Raptor to apply his effect since his restart and subsequent damage where part of Surge of Justice. Thus Hurricane Raptor now deals his 1 damage again. Total of 2 damage for the turn so far. Both from Hurricane Raptor.

Does that sound right to you guys?

Does Hurricane Raptor deal his 1 damage twice because of the restarting from Surge or does that count as his effect and he only deals 1 damage?
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