Game keeps crashing at random moments.


  • AuhrykAuhryk Posts: 13
    Ok, now I can't even go and edit my death deck without it crashing. I have tried turning off/on my tablet, clearing the cache of the app, and nothing works.
  • ClubP01ClubP01 Posts: 21
    It happened to me too, and to someone I know, game randomly crahes. Even reinstalling doesn't work.
  • AuhrykAuhryk Posts: 13
    Yeah, tried to reinstall the game and now I lost all my progress. I should be able to re-link to my old account but I never copied down the code.

    Kind of frustrating really. Sometimes the game won't work because it can't connect to my game client. But if my game client won't help me reconnect to my in game account, then what's the point?
  • VarykasVarykas Posts: 1
    On my Amazon Fire the app always crashes at the beginning of a match and when I want to create a new deck. While I can rejoin a match when starting the app again, it is impossible for me to create new decks.This is very frustrating. Oh I forgot, sometimes there is an error that says, that I have to install the Amazon app shop. Absolutely weird.
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