Barrow Wight King + Rend interaction

As title, what happens if a card deals more than 3 rend damage when opposite a BWK, does it get reduced to 3 or does it do the full damage?


  • Per the comprehensive rules, it should be reduced to 3.

    In the app? I haven't encountered it so I can't confirm. If you saw it not get reduced, that would be a bug.

  • I could be embarrassingly, horribly n stupidly wrong here, but as I see it...

    Rend: Damage that is applied with "Rend" bypasses any damage reducing effects.

    BWK: Damage from highlighted Units cannot exceed 3 (after damage reductions).

    The Barrows Wight King effect does not say "after OTHER damage reductions", nor does it use the word "reduce" to describe its action, so it would appear to NOT be a "damage reducing effect" per se and therefore Rend does not apply and the maximum damage is 3.

    BUT neither 'increase' nor 'decrease' are Keywords as defined by the Comprehensive Rules, nor are they listed as game terms either, so I can see how people could argue the point either way.

  • Well right now BWK seems to not be working in app even with non-Rend damage. I've logged a bug about it.

  • LankySiLankySi Posts: 7
    Anyone have a definitive answer for this?

    I want to use the BWK in my deck but I know it's going to cause confusion against friends when we play physical. We all see arguments for rend bypassing the BWK skill and for it being reduced!
  • Cornix42Cornix42 Posts: 49

    @LankySi it definitely makes any damage higher than 3, 3. It is NOT a damage reduction effect.

    The badge isn't up but I'm a Heraldor.

  • LankySiLankySi Posts: 7
    @Cornix42 - nice one, thanks for replying.

    So a unit with Rend does NOT ignore BWK, is that correct?

    For example, a unit has 5 damage with Rend (I don't know if this exists off the top of my head, but it's just for example lol), it would be reduced to 3 by the BWK
  • Cornix42Cornix42 Posts: 49
    edited October 2018

    Yes @LankySi. Zombie Dragon
    Corner 1 X
    Corner 2 2 rend damage
    Corner 3 4 rend damage

    Against a BWK would do 2 then 3 damage assuming no other factors.

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