AoS Champions in Edinburgh

StevoA76StevoA76 Posts: 3
Afternoon folks.
As ever it appears that the LGSs in Edinburgh are lagging behind on anything other than Magic The Gathering. I know Murphy's Vault was selling the campaign decks when they were released, but there doesn't appear to be any support for OP or event nights - unless I've missed the posts. I could pop over to Glasgow, but it's not easy when you have a full time job and family commitments at the weekend.
So, is there anyone playing AoS: Champions in Edinburgh? Or even any of the stores supporting it in the future?


  • TarrykTarryk Posts: 12
    I'm in Fife and I'm struggling to find even anyone here who sells cards let alone plays!
  • Stevo are Many people playing in Edinburgh?
  • Hey stevo many people playing in Edinburgh?
  • StevoA76StevoA76 Posts: 3
    I don't know. At present I've had not reply from anyone about Edinburgh, and none of the LGSs reply to any messages about the game. So in short, I can't find anyone playing in Edinburgh.
  • MikusMikus Posts: 3
    Hello. I have a growing collection and am looking to play some games with people (not just electronically via the app). I work in Glasgow but live in Edinburgh so can make most evenings from about 6.45 pm - 11 pm. Weekends are also a possibility.

    StevoA76 - we met briefly in the GW store earlier today.

    Re: local tournaments, if we had a large enough group, we could probably convince the GamesHub or RedDice to book some tables.
  • StevoA76StevoA76 Posts: 3
    :D :D I wa just about to post something about "apologies to the random Michael (sic) I met in GW".
    I'm going to be away next week but would definitely be up for a head to head the week after (wc 22nd), and may even head over to GeekRetreat on the 30th (so could offer you a lift back).
    Definitely up for trying to get an Edinburgh group together.
  • MikusMikus Posts: 3
    OK, I will get in touch closer to the time. If we meet in a games cafe/shop then innocent bystanders might take some interest.
  • MikusMikus Posts: 3
    StevoA76 - if you are interested in a game this week, then I could make an evening session from 7 pm. I will come straight from work (Glasgow) and should arrive into Waverley/Haymarket at about 6.30 pm, so a central location would be more convenient. Let me know if you are interested.
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