Death Deck: The Repeater

This is a deck I have been working on since release. I started covering it on my YouTube channel but since have updated it to roughly what you will see in the video :

I wanted to get some feedback from people. For the most part, I run into very few problems outside lucky chaos blessings. I have ridden this thing from silver 3 to gold in ranked play losing only 4 matches along the way. I'm curious to hear some outside thoughts. I have seen many decks like this popping up by people who have played against me, which I love to see! New takes and new cards which have been interesting! I have been able to get at least 3/4 blessings in at least 80% of the games I have played, it turns extraordinarily fast. Hope you enjoy the video! Thank you!

BTW, I call it the repeater because it simply refuses to die a ton of the time. One of my favorite things has become a person giving me the good game thinking they got me, not realizing Orb is there and I come back to win right afterwards. The rage emoti is so refreshing to see after someone had been cocky thinking they won just a PINCH too early.

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