Beating fast chaos decks?

I've been playing for a while now and while I've beaten a few fast chaos decks I feel like once they get rolling they can be a pain to recover properly from. This may just be me still being bad at deck construction but maybe others have the same problem.


  • RancordRancord Posts: 44

    On higher levels, chaos deck win by triggering blessings fast (usually 2), and hope one of them is total carnage or unrivaled battle lust.

    Total Carnage is best beaten with a big burst in 1-2 turns, while for battle-lust you could use damage mitigation, supernatural horror (any dorment effects tbh) and just try to never be that much behind in HP. If you are to much behind, because your deck is not good enough, damage mitigation or dorment will just delay your doom for a few turns, if even.

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    Destruction outruns them in most circumstances, but it's a pretty non-interactive contest on both sides.

    Order can keep them off their blessings by locking down lanes and can either rush them (Vorrus decks) or use damage reduction and healing to cancel their early game (Celestant Prime decks).

    Death can slow them down with heals and removal, or they can outrush their blessings output with a lot of anti-aggro blessings.

    On that last option: I am grinding Ranked with a Death Fast Quest deck that locks down their Bloodreaver Chieftain lanes with Reaping Cairn Wraiths (it will mitigate Total Carnage if they flip it, and they need at least one ability card to allow them to flip so you will at least save 2 damage) and gets 3 or 4 blessings by the time they finished one. My loadout is Supernatural Horror, Cursed Altar, Carrion Feast and Turmoil of Souls... in Pitched Battle I'd likely side out that last one for Orb of Immortality.

    The deck has some game against Destruction too but it will likely fare much better in the Ranked balancing trials, as I expect people to switch to Chaos and my deck is a hard counter. Against Destruction you need both to hit Supernatural Horror before a big Gordrakk/Loudmouth turn AND get a good chunk of your damage in hand so you can outrace them. I did survive a Gordrakk into Crusin' for a Bruisin' to win at 2 HP once though. That was a fun game.

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