[Deck List] Lord-CastAelfant

A simple, double-Castellant deck, revolving around punishing your opponent for attacking, (and punishing them if they don't!)

TheTopHatCat would like you to check out their awesome deck in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions;

Champion positioning is versatile in the deck, able to go Prince/Cast/Prince/Cast or Prince/Cast/Cast/Prince, either way with 3 Aetherwing Scouts and 2 Tactical Formation, you have a lot of mobility.

With a lot of Aelf units also sharing the Beast keyword, these two sub-tribes synergize really nicely. The deck can be played two ways, either rush out your Blessings with your Lochian Princes (e.g. Unit, Ability, Unit turns for damage, then play an Aelf). This is especially fun when you play a Beast, into Jaws of Death!
Otherwise we can play defensively, holding our cards to play in reaction to our opponent, often Drawing 2 if we are not under pressure, but being sure to punish them if they play long rotation units in-front of our Castellants.

Castellant and Aetherwing are a natural partner, plus lots of our units have many corners meaning you'll often get full use out of both! Lord of the Host allows our Castellants to reset Units, be it an Aetherwing for more value, a Decimator/Longstrike/Stardrake for lots more damage, or Stormstrike/Barrier Guard for damage reduction. However one should always be saved to trigger his final Healing quest corner.

The deck lines a very nice balance between being able to play pro-actively or retro-actively, playing aggressive or defensive depending on your opening hand/your opponent. At first I felt double Castellant would just be a novelty, but after lots of playing these two Super Castellant Brothers certainly know how to stomp out them Squigs!

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