[Deck List] Aspect of Glory

This is an Order control deck, that revolves around Aspect of the Sea and the rare spell, Inspired Glory.

To begin with, your Champions should be set up so that Aspect is in one of the middle two rows, shadowed either side by Lib-Prime & Lochian Prince, with Protector Prime over in the far corner, discouraging opponents from playing in-front of him (increasing the likely-hood they will play into your Inspired Glory).

The Blessings are all about stall/comeback potential, keeping you in the game each time you flip one. Abjuration could possibly be switched for Blessed Weapons if you wanted to be a little more aggressive.

As for the cards themselves!
[Barrier Guard] is a fantastic card, able to reduce a ton of damage and then sneak in a cheeky 2dmg in return.
[Divine Vengeance] is a nice one of just to punish any Removal, which most decks run, plus fills out our Ability numbers as we have quite a few corners that need 'em, but very few Abilities worth taking (can easily be switched for another).
[Inspired Glory] is the star of the deck, when in-front of Aspect of the Sea it provides really heavy lockdown, making the opposite row Dormant (almost indefinitely), as well as making the rows either side dangerous as if they deploy into them, they give you two cards. Order is an Alliance that really lacks card draw, therefore alot of their cards are very efficient, so being able to draw 2-4 can be very strong. Ontop of this Glory has a Heroic Act that can in a pinch, trigger the Aspect's 2nd corner (e.g. if you have two in hand), though always worth trying to get atleast 2 cards out of it before you do this.
[Longstrike Raptor] forces your opponent to play into certain lanes, or take a lot of damage, this is perfect for baiting them into Inspired Glory, or in-front of Protector Prime (where his natural damage reduction will create value). That or it simply eats a Removal effect, either way it's getting great value when played with everything else in this deck.
[Piercing Shot] is here to help with our Champions quest corners, Order is lacking in good, pro-active Abilities that can be played at any time by anyone, so with this being one of the best it's obviously an auto include here, plus 3 damage from no where can change a lot!
[Skybolt Judicator] is just like our Longstrike Raptor, rather than locking down lanes with Hurricane Raptors and Disruptive Libs, I prefer to play a more pro-active approach and force where my opponent plays... and if they don't, they get punished by these strong Disengaged effects!
[Stardrake] is high damage, strong removal and can sometimes combo nicely with Triumphant Smash, he is mostly here as removal but can also close out games with that nice final stretch of damage once you've spent all the cards in your hand.
[Stormstrike Fulminator] is a personal favorite of mine, the damage reduction can be fantastic against certain units, but it also doubles up when in-front of Protector Prime, combining to reduce damage by 2 can be absolutely amazing, plus finishing off with 4 damage after such a nice effect hits hard!
[Swift Namarti Reaver] is here for a little extra damage, you can mostly ignore it's effect, I was more focused on the fact it is 5dmg over 3corners, since the average is 4 that sure aint bad! It can also be combined with the 2nd Swift or the Barrier Guard to speed it around and open up a new board slot. It's main inclusion was to help trigger Lochian Prince's final corner along with Barrier Guard, there's only 5 Aelves in the deck so play them wisely!
[Tactical Formation] makes up the rest of the "play any time" Ability cards we need for peoples corners, but with multiple damage reduction effects in the deck, or disengaged bonus effects, it can really make big plays here, bringing them infront of damage/into empty lanes can surprise opponents. Plus worst case it's a cantrip, play1 draw1, see a new card before your turn ends. Great card. (And that's not even mentioning how it can be used to dodge removal and other such things!)
[Triumphant Smash] is this Alliances instant-removal spell, every deck should run 3 of them. The bonus here is it can be used in combination with our powerful Unit effects like Longstrike/Skybolt/Fulminator for additional big bursts!
[Warding Light] is one of the biggest life swings in the game, 4 damage and 4 healing, that's a total swing of 8! For only 3 corners. The spell can also trigger the first 2 and last 2 corners of our Aspect of the Sea, pretty much required to finish it's Blessing.

So over all that's the deck! Whilst it can struggle against the faster decks, if you manage to get your "engine" up and running, your constant value should be enough to win out the game!
So control where your opponent plays, shut down lanes, reduce damage, grind out blessings and most of all, Draw cards! Hope you enjoy!
(p.s. It's also INCREDIBLY budget friendly, as the deck only contains 4 Rares! Otherwise it's 24 Commons and just 10 Uncommons! :D)

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  • Wosho1982Wosho1982 Posts: 1
    Thx for your writeup. Are you gold+?
  • I run a variation on this deck. Haven't touched the app, so my only experience is FLGS (though it has picked up Champions fairly heavily). Personal choice, I run mono-aelves. I also use exclusively aggressive Blessings and a control-oriented main deck. The idea is to reduce damage and control the enemy while completing quests and let the Blessings do the heavy lifting. Done well against Nagash Death, Archaon Removal, and an even record against Gordrakk Destruction.

    Aspect of the Sea
    Isharann Soulscryer
    Lochian Prince
    Lochian Prince

    Divine Blast
    Swift Judgement
    Blessed Weapons

    3x Barrier Guard
    3x Morsarr Guard
    3x Sweeping Namarti Thrall

    3x Warding Light
    3x Inspired Glory
    3x Mystic Shield
    3x Righteousness

    3x Celestial Fate
    3x Triumphant Smash
    3x Tactical Formation

    Between Barrier Guards, Mystic Shield, and Righteousness I rarely take excessive damage. Princes ensure even Rend damage is mitigated, as between them and the Aspect the only lane that allows damage through consistently is the Soulscryer. Given as he needs removal to rotate, this means I can almost guarantee I'm getting off a Triumphant Smash in his lane. Morsarr Guards on the final corner of a Lochian is always threatening. Inspired Glory and Warding Light ensures I can complete the Aspect off of two cards. Thralls exist because I see a lot of decks run low-cost Champions to allow for big hitters, so they consistently become 6dmg on 3 corners (amped by Blessed Weapons).
  • Cornix42Cornix42 Posts: 49

    I run a fluffy full Aelf version of this, but if I wanted to go more competitive this is definitely the approach I would take.

    AotS & Inspired Glory is a combo that I love. It's controlling and a pain for opponents but not in a bad way. It makes them choose between inaction while they dig for removal, try to fend down a particular channel or let you draw the cards. No option is good but the choice is theirs. Good interactive games play.

    Great deck great write up, thank you.

  • If I were to come back and make changes to this deck, I would likely remove the Aelves and go pure Stormcast just for consistency. (Though I adore how fast Prince can quest, so very likely to keep him in). But if you wanted to go that direction;

    -1 Lochian Prince,
    +1 Lib-Prime,
    (I was tempted to use Knight-Azyros but the -2HP is a pretty big deal, plus he wants to share middle with Aspect, but honestly you rarely run him for his ability, more likely to use him for fast questing).

    -1 Swift Justice,
    +1 Storm Forge,

    -3 Barrier Guard,
    -2 Swift Namarti Reaver,
    +2 Paladin Protector,
    +3 Paladin Decimator.

    Possibly might experiment with 2 Gift of Sigmar also, make the deck more survivable. But unsure what I'd cut right now, maybe 1 Warding Light and a Tac Formation, or DV.

  • itoluiitolui Posts: 7
    this is a fun and great
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