[Deck List] Lotann & Aquilor, Best of Buddies!

Aelf & Beasts with a nice twist. Lord-Aquilor is a massively underrated Champion, mainly due to his high cost making him tough to fit into lists. However with the cheap cost of Lotann they make a fantastic duo!

Deploy Lotann in one of the middle lanes, with Lord-Aquilor taking the other middle slot. Then deploy your Prince adjacent to Lotann, and Lord-Castellant in the far corner. Lord-Aquilor will then rearrange our opponents, many decks have "placement matters" and it can really mess with your opponents gameplan! Especially placing a Warrior in-front of Castellant and a non-threat in-front of Lotann.

Lotann plays Beasts and buffs up our scrawny Aelves, providing massive value due to Aelves having lots of low damage corners. His perfect partner being Aetherwing Scout. You will want to pass often, draw up a decent hand size so that you can combo all your pieces together (Beast for Lotann then Aelves either side, or cards to discard to Leviadon, etc). Lochian Prince is incredibly easy to quest with, simply play a beast, cast Jaws or Piercing Shot, next turn the beast deals damage, then just need an Aelf! Very speedy.

~ ~ Champions ~ ~
Lord-Aquilor (7)
Lotann (3)
Lochian Prince (2)
Lord-Castellant (8) - (or a 2nd Lochian Prince, then swap Lord of the Host for other Abilities)
Points: 20

~ ~ Blessings ~ ~
Blessed Weapons
Tides of Death
Divine Blast
Healing Storm

~ ~ Units ~ ~
3x Aetherwing Scout
3x Akhelian Barrier Guard
3x Alpha Gryph-Charger
2x Biovoltaic Morrsarr Guard
1x Razorshell Leviadon
3x Sweeping Namarti Thrall
3x Swift Namarti Reaver

~ ~ Abilities ~ ~
3x Jaws of Death
2x Lord of the Host
3x Piercing Shot
1x Tactical Formation
3x Triumphant Smash


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