Join our UK and US demonstrating team!

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Hi all!

We are looking for enthusiastic members of our community to join our UK and US demonstrating team for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions throughout the Summer!

This is your chance to demonstrate the games and help grow our amazing community.

If you are interested, then please email [email protected] for more information.



    @Maximus any details on what this would entail? I.E When, where and what's needed to help

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    Those are actually all the details I have at the moment :p, if you email in they will be able to provide you with more. I believe its tailored around when and where you are interested in working.

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    do you have a name for the Demo reps yet?
    Personally I like "Warmasters"

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    We will be having a brand advocate program and you will become the first members of that, official titles are still undecided :p


    @Maximus Thanks good sir! I'll potentially drop an email in over the next few days :)

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    Dropped an email :)

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    Just dropped them an Email myself. Would love to get the chance to help grow this game.

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    dropped an email also for more info ^^

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    Have you been able to get any new details? I know a lot of us are super excited to get involved, this sounds like a great opportunity and cant wait to hear back in more detail what we can do to help.

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    @Karnage, i'll have to chase it, I imagine you'll hear back once they have more details but if I can find anything out i'll let you know on here :)

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    Thank you, Look forward to learning more. Hopefully everyone that emailed will hear something soon.

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    I found a new piece of info on the new website after launch for those looking to get involved a little more. I believe this is what we are looking to trying to sign up for but i could be wrong. But either way looks great.

  • I'm a Founder and contacted the above email address, I've been using my starter decks to run Demo's (and will be doing more) in the local community, 4-5 stores and 2 large game groups etc.

    But I just got a thank you in reply :D Which whilst nice, dunno what the point of me emailing was haha!

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    @TopHatCat Apologies about that i'll have a word haha

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    No need to apologize! It was a genuine Thank you, it was very nice.

    But just curious what the point of emailing was? If there was a certain goal or objective in mind, what exactly PlayFusion want :o etc. Since if I knew might be able to help towards that goal, everything is super vague currently haha

    Still, they did ask for photo's so, I'll be providing pictures from the demos and such I'll be hosting which should be good! :)

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    I hear you, I still have not received any reply so you got one up on me. I am thinking that THE EXEMPLAR PROGRAM is where it is headed. I have not seen any more info or where/when to apply for the program. Just that the web page simply states apply for one of the 2 rolls within. Im sure they will announce as soon as they can. With the game just launching im sure they are busy.

    Also Thank you again for going out of your way to help run demos at your store. I have been doing the same thing and it has been hard with very little people knowing much about the game. It really is going to take all of us who have been active here in the forums and have the decks already to really push this game forward until it gets its own traction. Hopefully they will announce Organized Play requirements and support info soon. This will help us get the stores more involved and really drive word of mouth for this game.

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    Is this program still a thing?

  • Currently for the UK yes, you can email [email protected] :)

  • @Maximus do you know the stats of this? I submitted my resume weeks ago and havent heard back

  • had an interview is there a time frame to hear back from you guy ?

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