Turmoil or Terror

Greetings all.

As a Death players we don't the raw power of the Chaos blessings or the ease of questions completion that Destruction has; our advantages are elsewhere.

However that doesn't mean we shouldn't get the best possible from what we have.

So which if the following do you use? Morbid Terror or Turmoil of Souls?

I feel both of these are too similar to use both of so it's an either or.

ToS does that instant hit, which is often nice but rarely misses & doesn't shuffle anything back in. MT does more damage, shuffles more cards but jumping through the hoops of 3 actions of unit placement (especially when guaranteed that at least 1 blessing has been revealed so may wish units to go elsewhere for quest completion) can be a big one.

Which do you use? Or do you ignore both completely?

Thank you and may all your quests be completed.


  • I use Turmoil in my deck because I play an aggressive Death warband and it's one of the few game plans you have to close the deal against Death decks that use 2x Crypt Haunter Courtiers (need to burst through 6-7 damage in one turn so you don't trigger the healing before you **** them).

  • BlueWolfBlueWolf Posts: 21

    For now...I have been using ToS. I prefer the punch right away and as you mentioned, I can focus on other quests.

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