What's in the Campaign Deck Box ?


I know that 38 cards (4 Champion-, 4 Blessing- und 30 Action-cards ) in the box are, but what about accessories like rule book, playing field?


  • KdashKdash Posts: 40

    In each starter deck you get the following

    The cards you listed (including an exclusive blessing)
    1 paper playmat for that faction
    2 cardboard health tokens
    All the rules.

  • Xenith_IncXenith_Inc Posts: 32
    Is there a card list for each campaign box anywhere?
  • DiabloDiablo Posts: 32
    @Kdash thank you for the info
  • grimdrakengrimdraken Posts: 15
    Thank you for posting that, I was wondering also. I'll be grabbing some physical decks as soon as I can find them locally.
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