Bloodthirster Chaos Quest Deck

Please check out our latest article on chaos quest deck by one of our exemplars.


  • MarkMMarkM Posts: 34

    Great article. Thanks for sharing.

  • Xenith_IncXenith_Inc Posts: 32
    Good work, thanks! Do you have any ideas on a Tzeentch/spell heavy/only deck?
  • BashAtArmsBashAtArms Posts: 17
    I’ve been playing my own version of this. Thanks for posting this!
  • DakRoganDakRogan Posts: 21

    I've played something quite similar with less cards damaging myself (mostly because i don't have all of those in the article), but it works well.

  • I tried this build, after using a similar one, I lost 5 in a row at Silver 3 rank lol

  • DarkCornflakeDarkCornflake Posts: 35
    Thank you for the article! I've been playing this game for about 2 weeks now and I'm having quite a bit of success with a similar list. I don't have all the cards yet, but I'm working on that!
  • PenguiniusPenguinius Posts: 11
    Great post, will give the deck a go
  • axelorqueaxelorque Posts: 12
    Really good deck!
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