This game is on par of hearthstone with its skill level

Playing ranked lately; silver 2; lvl 60+ But only ccg
This game tactic approach is just a joke, games ending with less than 10 cards played with only vhaos and destruction and the whole game is about “who completes the blessing first and is lucky to get that one that deals half of your hp with it”

Oh; didnt get my abilities to solve quest and now im dead, better luck next time bro (typical chaos vs chaos/destr) ; those remove faction abilities are just no brainer auto include in every deck too

Wizards are just joke most of the time

Ugh i really thought this game had tactical depth; but that was only illusion made by noj conventional rules


  • balldazzarballdazzar Posts: 2
    tl dr, i think the game is too fast for its tactical potential and it seems there is lot of space for balance given how many numbers you can alter (unlike hearthstone for example)
  • Given that most people have figured out the first wave meta and what works the 2nd wave will shake things up and add more cards to use and combinations for decks as well

  • nicklee23nicklee23 Posts: 11
    I'm finding this game much more interesting than Hearthstone though, really liking the lanes idea
  • Playing 10 cards means drawing 5 to 6 and playing 10, which means 15-16 actions, which means about 8 turns.

    That's about as long as a Magic the Gathering game.

    Just saying.

  • Cornix42Cornix42 Posts: 49

    Personally I've not played Hearthstone; however I've played MtG for 21 years, the superb Babylon 5 ccg, L5R, Vampire ccg under several incarnations and names and even a brief stint where I played WWE Raw Deal.

    Each of those games has some level of skill in deck building and in playing strategy.

    AoS:C in my opinion has as more deck building skill as any of those; especially in the unit/spell/ability ratio based on how many warriors, wizards and warrior/wizards one plays but also their quest completion requirements.

    Why this game is so fair my favourite ccg is that in addition to the strategy of the game there is a tactical edge that other games lack. The deployment phase is of supreme importance. Where my Champions are in relation to one another and where they are in relation to my opponents. If playing with a Knight-Heraldor one wants him in the middle to be able to use his heroic act across 3 lanes; a death player running Abhorrent Ghoul King wants his Mordant champions adjacent to him to be up again champions of a lower cost so Frightful Strike gets the extra damage and removes a card from hand. These considerations don't happen elsewhere.

    Also the 2 action (initial) limit creates further tactical choices. In every other game one simply plays the best cards they have access to. In this the quest completion could mean it's tactically more important to play a weaker card. Those choices are if vital importance and each time the optimal choice could be a different one.

    Is it perfect? No.

    Aggro decks, and Destruction in particular are over performing. But things like that happen in all games. Standard in MtG was recently full of nothing but aggro; and that had well over a 1600 card pool for deck creation. So like WotC will do is eventually slow it back down somewhat. We're looking at 1 set, when Onslaught comes out that will have an impact.

    However what also need to happen is us as players adjust to the environment we are in! Why have people not changed their decks or even their alliance accordingly?

    The highest level online player in the world? "OrruksR4Dorks" is playing a mostly Stomcast deck that is great against Destruction. Why? Because he knows that 40-50% of his opponents will be Destruction. Fair play to him, I hope he does really well. He and I have played once with my Death deck getting the better of his Order deck, but he's done what we should all be doing.

    He's adapted to the "meta."

    It is not Play Fusion's responsibility alone to create balance, although they have a big role. It's also ours as players.

    What to see less Destruction build a deck to bet it. Once many of us do then those players won't be getting the same results and then it's their turn to adapt; and so the wheel rotates to us, and then to them and so on.

    Whatever you play, good luck.

  • BokehBotBokehBot Posts: 39

    The game has so much more potential than Hearthstone because of cleaner and more interesting mechanics.

    But I also 100% agree with you that the current meta is incredibly RNG based just like Hearthstone being at the mercy of RNG card reveals.

    It's worse at Platinum/Diamond than Silver. Half your first complaint is that you're probably not running enough abilities (12~) but people are at top level. So they aren't getting **** by not drawing abilities to quest. Meaning it boils down to blessing RNG. And non-aggro Order and Death are SOL. (There's one Death deck that's OK but horribly loses to Chaos)

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