Pure Tzeentch/Magic deck ideas?

Hi all,

I made a pure unit/melee list as I felt it's stronger than magic, at least in the chaos physical and digital starters, but since then I have collected a few more spell casting champions and spells.

Does anyone have any ideas for an effective magic only/no unit list that works?

I have available Kairos, LoC, Curseling, 2x Iridescent horrors, general spells, the spell blessing.

Thanks for any thoughts!


  • DarkCornflakeDarkCornflake Posts: 35
    Hi, I love the idea of an all Wizard/Spell list, but I tried it and got crushed badly a few times. I think it needs a bit more help from the next set to be viable. More variation and lower cost Wizards are needed along with another magic specific Blessing and more "Fast" spells with 1-2 corners to make questing easier and free up your Wizards to use abilities quicker.
    Best of luck in your efforts, let us know if you find a good list!
  • I've been using this on and off for a couple of weeks, its fun to play but sometimes frustratingly unreliable. Sometimes it'll go through an opponent, others it does nothing at all. I think early healing is key in deciding how the game goes.

    Gaunt Summoner
    Gaunt Summoner
    Iridescent Horror
    Iridescent Horror

    Chaos Runeblade
    Wanton Destruction
    Total Carnage
    Tzeentchs Fortune

    3 Arcane Bolt
    3 Blue Flame
    3 Chaotic Restoration
    2 Flow of Chaos
    3 H*llfire Blast
    3 Infernal Gateway
    3 Searing Firestorm
    3 Summon Daemon

    3 Blood Hunt
    2 Blood for the Blood God

    2 Pink Horror Conjurer

    It's fairly straightforward, play spells. Infernal gateway is there for the removal, Summon Daemon to fetch pink horrors. Blood for the blood got is there as an action and to heal off a spent pink horror.

  • LuzganLuzgan Posts: 1Unconfirmed
    There is my deck what i use in normal game, its pretty fun :D

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