[Deck List] Lord of the Gate

Lord of the Gate

The deck revolves around the powerful combo between Lord of Change and Infernal Gateway, allowing you to search your deck for 2 Daemons and play them out! (And y'know, sometimes maybe Remove a unit).
This is combined with Skarr Bloodwrath who, through even more Removal (opponents stuff or your own!), can shuffle your used Daemons back into your deck, makes for a very unique value deck!
Between Gateway and Gift, the deck has a lot of subtlety, letting you pass draw a lot whilst your cards tick down, then fetch out whatever Daemon you need at that moments in time, making for fantastic Daemon-Toolbox. After all, Tzeentch loves Value!

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  • Xenith_IncXenith_Inc Posts: 32

    I was thinking about something like this myself. How do you deal with removal? Or have other big spells that present more of a threat?

  • Most removal is focused around Units, outside of the 3 Abilities each faction gets, so more often than not your Spells are safe, though obviously it's better to bait out their removal, but your always going to suffer against removal, not much you can do about it, Infernal Gateway is just such a juicy and easy target haha.

  • RolfRolf1111RolfRolf1111 Posts: 11
    Nice deck!
  • It’s useless card
  • ^ That's a useless post :)

    (And yes for the record it's a fun deck, as I said not top-meta or anything :P was just my quirky entry into the Chaos Deck Competition over on Facebook)

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