Spellslinger Death Dealer (Deck for tweaking)

So been tinkering with this idea of a deck, and play testing it. I like how it plays but feel it just lacks a little in damage. I know the champions cause me to start off with really low HP, but the spells help balance that out and it's not something I want to change.

My thoughts, I am unsure about "Claws of the Grave". The deck has more focus on spells than units so those spells feel like wasted space. But I have had them come in handy on several occasions causing me to be reluctant to removing them.


Hungering Vampire Lord (2)
Varghulf Courtier (2)

Blessings:(Don't have the Orb)
Carrion Feast
Cursed Altar
Necromantic Bloodline
Supernatural Horror

Feasting Vargheist (2)
Freakish Crypt Horror
Frenzied Vargheist
Murderous Vargheist (2)
Unhallowed Mortis Engine (2)
Zombie Dragon

Arcane Bolt (2)
Claws of the Grave (2)
Frightful Touch (3)
Mystic Shield
Soul Feast
Unholy Vitality (3)

Call of the Grave (3)
Cursed Strike (2)
Devour (3)
Deathly Resolve
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