Logistics Question: Transmogrifying Flamer

I have come to understand that Transmogrifying Flamer's Last Stand ability is not optional. If it would be removed, I *must* deploy a daemon from my hand on top of it.

So if I don't have one - if I am *unable* to fully resolve the ability... how does my opponent know my hand has no daemons? What's to stop a player from failing to deploy, draw a card, then deploy a daemon they'd been dishonestly hiding in their hand all along?

An appropriate measure would be to force the Flamer's controller to reveal their hand, but I would like the official ruling if there is one. (The game simply continues in the digital version, which is what has left me wondering.)

Cheers, folks.
Thank you for your time.


  • Be honest
  • IzaroIzaro Posts: 2
    Once organized play and competitive events begin, there will unfortunately exist players who lack honesty. In order to ensure the integrity of the game, some measure must be taken.

    I read through the comprehensive rules today, and it turns out my guess was right:

    When you would be required to move a card from your hand to a zone of free information (such as by deploying a unit onto a champion) but you are unable to do so, then you reveal your hand to your opponent to show them that you lack the required card(s).
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