[Deck List] Quick Quest Order! (WIP)

TopHatCatTopHatCat Posts: 92

So I made this deck as a joke, because I was commenting on how fantastic Prince is for questing, and it gave me the idea... Hey, you love QQChaos don't you TopHat? Why not work out an Order version!.... I said to myself... not crazy honest.

Anyway, it turned out being incredibly fun! (though certainly not as reliable as QQChaos)

Knight-Azyros (2pts)
Lochian Prince (2pts)
Lochian Prince (2pts)
Vorrus Starstrike (8pts)

Blessed Weapons
Divine Blast
Swift Judgement
Tides of Death

Units; 18
Barrier Guard x3
Celestial Prosecutor x3
Disruptive Liberator x3
Paladin Decimator x3
Sweeping Namarti Thrall x3
Swift Namarti Reaver x3
(9x Aelves, 9x Stormcast)

Abilities; 12
Divine Vengeance x1
Opportunity Strike x3
Piercing Shot x3
Tactical Formation x2
Triumphant Strike x3

Azzy and Princes spin SUPER FAST, Draw until you have a unit and an ability, that way you can play a Unit down, follow with an Ability, Unit spins for damage next turn, then all you need to do is save that Blessing until you need it, in which case just drop a Unit down onto it.
Tides is amazing for card draw, can sooometimes let us play an Aelf for free, but more importantly can also double-trigger some of our Units, it makes them rotate 1 backwards which triggers that corner, then it triggers again for the start of the turn, had it happen lots with Decimators and let me get double 4's for Prosecutors etc. Also if you can, try and save flipping the blessing until the opposite row is clear, just in case you flip Swift Judgement, it's a nice looming threat for your opponent.
Vorrus is just here since, well, 2x Prince and 1x Azzy costs literally nothing, so our 4th champ slot can be ANYONE, I was contemplating C-Prime at first but would have to include spells for his 3rd corner which was a no-go... and everyone else just has really clunky and awkward quest corners, so I settled for Vorrus who is atleast do-able quest wise... and his ability can come in handy quite often, be it for resetting a Prosecutor or Decimator for extra value, or to keep a lane locked down with Disruptive Lib. But yeah he can easily be switched out for whoever you fancy.(edited)
When playing Swift Reaver, try and play it last, you want your corners to last so you have a turn to draw into an Ability, though it's incredibly useful when you flip Blessed Weapons as you can get off 2 corners really easily. I've also found Sweeping hitting for 6 in most games, almost all decks run a 1 cost (or 2 cost).
I actually only own 1 Celestial Prosecutor so ran 2 Strike Force instead, but theory wise I think I'd rather run 3 Persecutors but only played like 10 games as I'm writing this, so obviously needs tweeking, improving and way WAY more playtesting.

As with all Order decks it lacks card draw, which is tough when your trying to play fast, so gotta get a little lucky with your opening hand (or pass first turn to draw 2). But yeah 10 games in, 8/2 W/L, So seems pretty fun/silly, defo not serious or meta tho =D

But yeah if you have any suggestions/recommendations/feel like tweeking the list, please post below and discuss! <3

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