Risen Ressurection Deck Help

Hi! This is a risen deck ive been building and need help tweaking ti slightly, any and all feedback would be appreciated!

Barrows Wight King
Crypt Infernal Courtier
Hungering Vampire Lord
Skeleton Champion

Orb of Immortality
Supernatural Horror
Cursed Altar
Morbid Terror

3 x Charging Black Knight
3 x Shrieking Terrorgheist
3 x Infected Terrorgheist
3 x Zombie Dragon
3 x Feasting Vargheist

3 x Claws of the Grave
3 x Unholy Vitality

3 x Commanding the Dead
3 x Devour
3 x Serve in Death

The deck wants to resurrect its big units and get value out of the final corner of it's units, hopefully dealing enough damage to eventually **** the opponent while surviving itself. Any feedback is appreciated.


  • Cornix42Cornix42 Posts: 49

    This is a nice fun deck that is never going to be top tier with the cards available but is lots of fun and can win from out of nowhere with a few turns with some huge hits.

    I've gone for a slightly different approach with a more wizard heavy champion set.

    Hungering Vampire Lord
    Skulking Necromancer
    H**l Knight
    Barrow Wight King

    Cursed Altar
    Unholy Power
    Supernatural Horror

    Charging Black Knight x3
    Feasting Vargeist x3
    Infected Terrorgeist x3
    Shrieking Terrorgeist x2
    Zombie Dragon x3

    Claws of the Grave x3
    Return of the Fallen x2

    Call of the Grave x3
    Commanding the Dead x3
    Devour x3
    Serve in Death x2

    Although running two wizards neither need many (if any) spells to complete quests plenty of abilities that can be used by any champion type.

    Due to the Risen unit total Necromancer stops a reasonable amount of damage. Through some extra incidental life gain and then I can run different spells to Unholy Vitality so I can increase my resurrection potential meaning the discard pile is a huge resource, of almost another hand. Looking for a card or two that returns spells from discard to hand in the future then this might just make the cut.

    The H**l Knight is great at dropping a Shrieking Terrorgeist in front of a problem spell & removing it before resolution.

    Whatever you do hope you have a load of fun with it.


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