Current destruction nerf?

What is the current destruction nerf? All the same decks seem to have come back and are stupidly OP again


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    It's on the main page, but basically tweaks to Costs and starting HP of the Champions.

    So right now you can only run Gordakk with two 1 cost Orc Champions and 1 Fast Quest Orc.

    Pretty ineffective though. Considering the low cost of War Caller and the Fast Rotate Beast Champion (it's like 2 or 3 or something ridiculous) not giving them enough wiggle room anyways.

    But, Gordakk still busts out 17 damage in one turn with little set up and Cruising for a Bryson is consistently "You get two turns to try and win or I win" since Orruks are usually naturally rotating out anyways by the time you flip it. Or I mean you just tap Gordakk early and you win next rotate phase.

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    I've taken a screen shot of every time a good and close game was ruined by Kruisin for a Bruisin. It's taking up a good amount of space on my phone.
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    Rumor is that the 3rd test for Destruction will be out on Monday. It will be a rules change of some sort.

  • Thank´s for the link!
  • Thank´s for the link!
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    Awesome, was looking for the link.
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