Order Deck Previews

Once again the kind folks over at PlayFusion have provided us with another glimpse at what's to come!

Taken directly from their social media:

Reveal time! Brand new Order Champion and Unit card reveals are here!
Sigmar’s chosen, enter the fray with unflinching faith. Empowered by the God-King these warriors quickly seize control of a battlefield, manoeuvring to take advantage of enemy weakness.
We have the mighty "Vandus Hammerhand" Order Champion and the "Paladin Protector" Unit.
"The Rangers are the celestial Hurricane of Azyr - they race across the land unheard and unseen, only to strike with tearing, shattering force."
Order are about strategy and tactics, knowing exactly when to advance to deal the killing **** to their enemies whilst supporting their warriors. Will you be a part of the Order Alliance?



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