Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Miniatures Collection

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Do you collect the Age of Sigmar Miniatures? What's your collection like? What are you hoping to add next to your collection?

I collected Warhammer years ago and I'm looking to start adding to that collection again, what would you recommendations be?



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    I have not collected Age of Sigmar miniatures at all - I would be interested to see what others have collected or would recommend.
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    I have a smattering of SCE ready to support the Sacrosanct Chamber when it opens..but I also have some Idoneth Deepkin for later on! As for starting the miniatures game, I'd wait to see what the new edition brings, and if either SCE or Nighthaunts interest you, then the newly announced starter set would be fantastic.
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    I will check out this starter set, thanks!

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    I'm new to AoS and my wife is helping me paint so I let her pick the army. Went Daemons of Tzeentch.
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    I would love to see promo cards in miniature releases, even a promo card with White Dwarf would be awesome!
  • Age of sigmar is a great game. I know a lot of people hop from one small ccg to another, but in this case I’m a huge collector of Warhammer fantasy and age of sigmar. I have stormcast, bonesplitterz, duardin, high aelves, sylvaneth, flesh eater courts, kharadron overlords, tomb Kings, death rattle, seraphon. I’m probably missing a few but this is a list of all over 2k points.

    Over the next weeks when I get time I will dig out my Dwarf army and post some pic's , and possibly work in progress on my starter set army (not the new set) lol
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    Aos Is my favorite miniature game, and I play far, far too many.
    The new starter set is a phenomenal entry point into Age of Sigmar. It lands in a week or two.

    Currently I have:
    Daemons of Nurgle /Maggotkin
    Slaves to Darkness (a smattering of wicked minis)
    Daemons of Slaanesh (my fastest growing collection)
    Blades of Khorne (the most currently painted)
    and some plague-ridden Skaven within my Maggotkin.

    Really tempted by the upcoming Night Haunts but I'm going to stick with just Chaos so I can ally and paint across armies.

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    I never got into AoS, always played 40K. I have wanted to give it a try but don't want to sink money into it when only a few people in my area even play warhammer at all.

  • DragonetDragonet Posts: 47
    Best hint I can give for someone starting with AoS is to choose any army which appeals them visually/thematically AND have a Start Collecting! set or core game box (Khorne and old SCE are still available on ebay).

    That allows a fairly cheap start into the hobby.
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    Currently I have the following armies....

    Slaves to Darkness
    Daemons of Slaanesh (love me some Diaz Daemonttes)
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    I play demons, but have at one time played most AOS armies
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    I've started with a Nighthaunt army, Currently own at least a box of every mini but im either going to stack spirit hosts or Chainrasp for my battleline, Love lady Olynder as my general and of course the black coach comes out this Saturday.

    Once im finished building and painting them im going to go for the Kharadron overlords as my Order Army

    Papa Nurgle for my Chaos army and finally Beastclaw Raiders for Destruction.

  • dannyXcoredannyXcore Posts: 13
    I have the majority of the Death miniatures, except the most recently released in the past two weeks! Also have a few Chaos & Order miniatures.
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    I have been collecting for almost 30 years. I miss the old look of miniatures. They had a lot more character. That being said it seems like GW has been making its miniatures look a lot more creative then it has in the last 15+ years. I am really liking some of their new miniatures and artwork. I have three armies from the current ranges with a mix of 1980s metal. My goal is to have one army from each Grand Alliance. I am only missing Destruction now. I plan to do a troll army when I get to it.
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    > @Urion said:
    > I have been collecting for almost 30 years. I miss the old look of miniatures. They had a lot more character. That being said it seems like GW has been making its miniatures look a lot more creative then it has in the last 15+ years. I am really liking some of their new miniatures and artwork.

    I agree and I too miss the old WFB miniatures. Now am I the only one who misses square bases and tight formations?

    GW has certainly become more artistic and outstanding with its models, though admittedly I think some may be a bit over the top.

    At any rate, I finally gave into AoS tabletop with the release of 2.0 purchasing Soul Wars set primarily because of the new Nighthaunts which look amazing!

    I also collect a Seraphon army because... well large dinosaurs!
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    I collect both aos and 40k. Significantly more sigmar though. Have a problem with trying to collect everything so I end up giving stuff to newer players.
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    Great to see many collecting and thinking about trying it out. For myself I collect several armies. I mostly enjoy smaller point games, skirmishes and mordheim based games.

    For AoS I got a big collection of Skaven, my main army. Then come the orc of goblins or Orruk and Grots. These are mainly from the 90's and early '00. Some Seraphon, good size dwarf/duardin.

    And also have warhammer quest and shadespire from GW. But having played many tcg/ccg games you know I'm thrilled about this game.
  • ReinhardtReinhardt Posts: 15
    I collect Warhammer in all shapes and sizes. AoS I've got a smattering of Khorne Daemons and Mortals, Lots of Aelves, Ironjawz, and now with the new Sacrosanct Stormcast chamber I've started on the Stormcast Eternals.

    On My painting bench right now though is KHORNE. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!! :)
  • Shadespire is arguably one of the best ways to collect a broad range of AoS miniatures with a decent game. The way I see it, it also lends itself to fleshing out into skirmish level warbands without breaking the bank.
  • I've been painting all the shadespire miniatures and deck building for them on top of my Deepkin, Bloodbound, and now Stonecast Eternal (they are painted like stone figures :))
  • thundercakethundercake Posts: 18
    Currently working on some freeguild modeled around a cog fort.
  • KhelthrosKhelthros Posts: 17
    About to start working on Archaon and maybe a Celestant-Prime, after I get my 40k **** Team going. I post all of my pictures on Facebook and Instagram if anyone is interested. :smile:

    Favorite armies are Stormcast Eternals and Everchosen.
  • GisborneGisborne Posts: 45

    My latest Stormcast models being painted :)

  • HornedRat13HornedRat13 Posts: 6
    Been a AoS fanatic since launch day! I main skaven but also have stormcast , wanderers , idoneth deepkin ,Tzeentch and nighthaunts!
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    I only have the Tempest of Souls introductory boxed set, but I'm liking the Nighthaunts :)

    I've finished painting the ghostly pale base layer and have now started doing the shawl things n details; I've ordered a ton of clear bases and once they've arrived I'll [email protected] on with the painting (I'm not a fan of models being chased around the battlefield by the same mobile rock formation/itinerant bush, so nearly always re-base minis - apart from the Shadespire figures as it'd be too much of a faff).

    Apart from the Tempest set, I've grabbed all of the aforementioned Shadespire releases as well as all of the K!ll Team stuff.

    Naturally, I've not played any of it (hurrah for shift work!)

  • ShagradShagrad Posts: 11
    working on the Chaos Varanguard now,
    these models are absolutely amazing, can't wait to be able to share!
  • drakiradrakira Posts: 22
    The varanguard are some of my favourite models. Just waiting for them to be able to take a mark before the game 😒
  • drakiradrakira Posts: 22
    Be worth taking in some games again then to clarify!
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    Re-Thundercake Would love to see th me cog fort btw! Wondering when someone would take that on!

    Ps - not learnt how to directly quote yet
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