Death Trial Decklist

kellfakellfa Posts: 58 ✭✭

Now that the founder packs are being received and started to show I figured might as well make a quick list for the people who didn't get it and are too anxious for the website to be updated XD

Bloody Vampire Queen x1 R
Hungering Vampire Lord x1 U
Skeleton Champion x2 C

Orb of Immortality x1 E
Supernatural Horror x1 C
Turmoil of Souls X1 C
Carrion Feast x1 C

Frenzied Vargheist x1 R
Charging Black Knight x1 U
Murderous Vargheist x2 C
Ravenous Crypt Ghoul x2 C
Feasting Vargheist x2 C
Crypt Shield Black Knight x2 C
Freakish Crypt Horror x2 C
Zombie Dragon x1 C

Terrify x 1 R
Mystic Shield x1 U
Frightful Touch x1 U
Soul Stealer x2 C
Arcane Bolt x2 C

Tactical Formation x1 U
Bloody Thirst x 1 U
Brutal Smash x1 U
Call of the Grave x1 C
Devour x2 C
Oppurtunity Strike x2 C
Cursed Strike x 2 C

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