I'm not 100% clear on stacking. I read and re-read the description, but can someone give more information?

What is the advantage of stacking units?
When the top unit of a stack is exhausted the entire stack is removed (even if the units underneath were still active)?
Other than stacking certain units, if a Champion is "Engaged" the only thing they could do is perform an ability (until their active card expires)?



    Ok so bare with me on this because I am still not 100% clear on this myself!

    So stacking is a good way of buffing a card in order to awaken certain effects ( so long as the card played indicates this). For example:

    This card will do more damage based on how many cards are stacked (Note a stack can be no bigger than 3). The card itself once applied starts on the first corner as normal, regardless of what turn the cards are on underneath, these cards now count as "support" only. once the top card is done, the entire stack goes.

    That's correct. if a lane is engaged, you can only deploy an ability I believe.

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    Thanks for the quick response REDARMYSQUIRREL! That Card example really helps! Ok that makes sense.

    Seems like this would be somewhat situational if this is the case... It might be a good tactic to time a stack as one of your Units is about to become exhausted so you don't waste them, and at the same time buff the stack. A classic win/win!

    Certainly when I attended the early access day, this was the case. I tried to time my Orruk stacking for when the previous card was about to be exhausted, However some stronger units require more support before they can be played. Depending on your situation, it may be better to throw another card in quickly for a potentially stronger stack.

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    Correct me if im wrong on this or not. Can you stack a unit in the same turn? If so you can use this to flip a blessing on a few Champions on turn 2 if you have the right 4 cards in hand.

    For example Orruck Boss is Unit, Ork Unit, Ability, unit. So turn one you stack 2 units, turn 2 play an ability and then stack the 3rd unit?


    I am not 100% certain on this, but if you have the Actions available for play then I don't see why not :)

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    @Venom said:
    Other than stacking certain units, if a Champion is "Engaged" the only thing they could do is perform an ability (until their active card expires)?

    A wizard with a spell in play may not perform an ability. A warrior or warrior-wizard with a unit in play may perform an ability. It is in the last line of rules 4.2.3.

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    Stacking is a way to punish your opponents for not removing your units.

    When a unit is about to expire you can play a stacking card on it. Getting both the full value of the card that was about to exhaust and now the support bonus for the new card that’s on its first corner. When the stack card is about to expire you could even do it again to get a full stack and get some great benefits.

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    ok guys ,online "war chant" brings units in advanced. I have noted that some stacking units do there damage up to 3 times. why???
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    This helps
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