Booster Card Share MEGATHREAD!!

Didn't see a booster share thread yet, so I figured I'd create one! Please scan the cards in the thread, then just add yours, simple as that!

Make sure you scan your own cards prior to submitting a picture!




    Great Idea @Maximus would it be better to have another Sub forum for the purpose of just boosters?

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    Yes this is a smashing idea, well done :P

  • munkeykungfumunkeykungfu Posts: 26
    So how do these work? Are these from the starters?
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    @successfulgeek said:

    So apparently it scans multiple cards very well! If you have issues with the smaller version, you can right click on it and open in new tab and get an easier view of them. I will work on better lighting in the future too.

    This works really well!

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    So on the app, what is the little lock next to the cards? the cards are grey, so I am assuming we cannot use them?
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    I dont understamd how this works? Can anyone scan every card?
  • KarnageKarnage Posts: 158Moderator Mod

  • KarnageKarnage Posts: 158Moderator Mod


    Yes, everyone can scan every card. The more people scan it the better the rewards. So if you have some post them and everyone will be happy to help you get more out of them.

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    I have two links, but I can't post them. D:
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    If you are using imgur you need to use the Direct Link and not the image link to post the photo.

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    Can't post my link, says I Have to be around a little longer. :(
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    Trying not to double post, but it is not letting me edit my last one, but here is the photo..

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    I have two things for everyone to scan.

    scan away guys!



    I've pushed this thread as an announcement, that way it stays at the top of the page :)

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    btw.....did i got it right...?
    What are we getting from scanning?
    The owner of the booster card gets a virtual booster and the person that scanned the card is getting a random virtual card?
    and any idea when this option will be unblocked? Im scanning, it keeps saying found a new card...but no unlocked cards :(
  • UKDreadnaughtUKDreadnaught Posts: 121Moderator Mod

    Nothing will be unlocked until the game fully launches by the looks of it, you're collecting "Rewards" which will be given to you at launch

    this is what ive gathered from what the app tells me anyway


    More of the options will unlock and start going live once the beta starts rolling out I believe but to be honest I am not entirely sure how the boosters work :)

  • OK so I've scanned the cards here, but it still lets me scan them again once I close the scan window... I'm not sure they are actually going anywhere, perhaps we wait till the app has more functionality in place to see what the deal is here

    They will be collected. when you scan them there is a little drop down arrow at the bottom of your screen. press that and it will open up and tell you if you have scanned or not.

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    Thanks for scanning!

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    I scanned a whole bunch but no idea if it worked or not. Nothing seemed to change in the app.

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    Scanned everyone's!

  • AttackmackAttackmack Posts: 12
    Scanned all of yous but dont have any cards myself yet. But a tip, keep thread free of all posts aside from those adding more scans, makes it easier and quicker for a scanner to keep up to date on the scans!

    And yes, the irony is me posting this nonsense post telling you all to not post nonsense posts!
  • Here are mine! Scan em!
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    I've scanned everyone's but can't upload/link my photo yet.
  • Didn't do the picture right :'(

  • inkwell84inkwell84 Posts: 13

    That's all my scans caught up, I've lost count how many I have scanned

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