Where should we ship?

We are currently only shipping the Founders Pack to the UK, USA and Canada. However, we are always listening to the community and your feedback, if we receive enough interest from the community we will happily revisit the possibility of shipping elsewhere.

Please let us know in a post below where you think we should ship the Founder Pack? Thanks!



  • HidaOWinHidaOWin Posts: 2
    I'd much appreciate getting a founders pack shipped to Ireland or even the option to provide an address that would forward it to Ireland.
  • KamCKamC Posts: 10
    edited June 2018
    Poland please :)
  • mogmogmogmog Posts: 1
    Japan please please!!
  • armaarma Posts: 1Unconfirmed
    Would love ship to Poland. But more polish version made by for example Galakta.
  • SpacejamSpacejam Posts: 1
    I would love to try it out in Australia!
  • GrimonsterGrimonster Posts: 5
    I know my country is maybe small, but Belgium is maybe a good choice with all that languages in the same country? ;) (and near France, Germany, .... isn't a bad choice).

    And I don't understand why we can't buy the Founder Pack in another country (UK, USA, Canada....and all peoples between them? :'( ).
  • DairDair Posts: 1
    Spain please!
  • JimboActionJimboAction Posts: 2
    Denmark please! Shipping from the UK to Denmark is usually pretty cheap - go go, if Amazon can do this you can do it too!
  • MadJoeMadJoe Posts: 1
    Italy please!!
  • IsiaIsia Posts: 1
    Shipping to POLAND please
  • G_Wrath_GamingG_Wrath_Gaming Posts: 1
    It would be nice to get it down to Australia, there's more than a few of us chasing some cards!
  • DorethDoreth Posts: 17
    Could you send founder pack to France ? That would be great !
  • BigZebasBigZebas Posts: 2
  • miksanmiksan Posts: 1Unconfirmed
    Poland :)
  • lol_lam3rlol_lam3r Posts: 1
  • BlueManColeBlueManCole Posts: 1
    Germany, I hope. We are three suckers for WH AoS and seeing the possibility to play it cardwise sounds interesting.

    How about making it possible to ship to Mainland Europe?
  • FabSTFabST Posts: 15
    +1 for Germany!
    Lots of Warhammer fans here :)
  • VladVlad Posts: 5
    +1 for Italy
  • carddatacarddata Posts: 3
    edited June 2018
    +1 Germany
  • ThanquolThanquol Posts: 3
    Netherlands please
  • EvilgmEvilgm Posts: 1
    Ireland please
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited June 2018

    @HidaOWin @KamC @arma @Grimonster @Dair @JimboAction @MadJoe @Isia @Doreth @BigZebas @miksan @BlueManCole @FabST @Vlad @carddata @Thanquol @Evilgm

    You guys have done it! Please see our new forum post. We are now shipping the founders pack to Mainland Europe :)

  • VladVlad Posts: 5
    Thank you ^_^
  • carddatacarddata Posts: 3
    Nice to see such an fast reaction.

    Sorry if it is already stated somewhere, but i just couldnt find this information. I also couldnt comment on the linked topic, so im asking it here.

    Will the founders for EU be send from UK?
  • FabSTFabST Posts: 15
    This is awesome, thank you so much!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0

    @carddata We are still figuring out the whole logistics of it lol

  • carddatacarddata Posts: 3
    edited June 2018
    Thanks for your fast response Maximus. The reasons for my question are taxes. If i receive a package from outside the EU, i have to pay additional 20%.

    I already have to think a lot about the founders pack and if i should get it. I followed Champions since the news on icv2. But its quite a lot of money for me, especially for a totaly new game.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0

    @carddata No there is no extra costs incurred for EU shipping! The only price you need to worry about is the price you pre-ordered it for :)

  • DorethDoreth Posts: 17
    Again thank you so much! It’s super cool!
  • CherubCherub Posts: 10
    +1 Germany
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