Idoneth Deepkin Deck ideas?

SammyWevsSammyWevs Posts: 5
Hello All,

What's everyone's thoughts on a Deepkin (Aelf) deck?

Currently all the units are an auto include (18 cards total).

What Champions do you think work best?
What Blessings are most effective?
What is deemed to be an instant pick for Order (Aelf)?

Current list:
Aspect of the Sea x1
Isharann Soulrender x1
Lochian Prince x2

Healing Storm x1
Llandra's Last Lament x1
Storm's Decent x1
Tides of Death x1

Akhelian Barrier Guard X3
Biovoltaic Morrsarr Guard X3
Namarti Soul Feeder X3
Razorshell Leviadon X3
Sweeping Namarti Thrall X3
Swift Namarti Reaver x3

Seeker of Souls x2
Stand Fast x2
Surge of Justice x2

Piercing Shot x2
Tactical Formation x1
Triumphant Smash x3

Total: 30 cards 4 Champions & 4 Blessings.


  • I just pulled an Allopex and made me want to check it out - The art is amazing and I think i'd like to make one as well - please post how it plays!
  • SammyWevsSammyWevs Posts: 5
    @sloppityboppity I'll keep this updated on how it performs! 👍😁
  • WhizzwangWhizzwang Posts: 34 ✭✭
    I think if you're going Aelf you actually still want to run Lord Castellant since his beast synergy is great. A Lord Veritant is also an option as the token wizard. The ability to play beasts let's you offset some of the liability of not having a blue card in hand for him.

    The Aelf deck has a fair few decent beasts - Allopex, Leviadon and You'd probably still run Star Drake because it's one of the fastest most efficent damage dealers in the game with bonus removal)

    I'd look at something liek the following:

    Isharaan Soulrender
    Lord Veritant

    Last Lament
    Tides of Death
    Penant of Sigmaron

    3 x Star Drake
    3 x Leviadon
    2 x Biovoltaic Guard
    2 x Swift Reaver
    2 x Enraged Allopex
    2 x Barrier Guard
    2 x Sweeping Thrall
    2 x Soul Feeder

    3 x Seeker of Souls
    3 x Light of Sigmar

    3 x Triumphant Smash
    3 x Jaws of Death
  • kellfakellfa Posts: 58 ✭✭

    Nice combo aelf/storm idea ^^

  • VraelVrael Posts: 17
    Will definitely try some of these. Finished my first booster box and got to pull a lot of Aelf and beasts :smile:
  • HollowsonHollowson Posts: 33
    My gf wanted a beast themed deck turned out we don't have many haha. Well maybe later on.
  • John_P_MonroeJohn_P_Monroe Posts: 13
    I hope that we'll get more cards with the next set. I kinda like the idea behing the Aelfs
  • ZyrrisysZyrrisys Posts: 16
    I wanna run pure deepkin too!
  • Lotann is a huge add to this deck. His synergy with the elves is very strong and adds a lot of damage to an already high damage deck.
  • TalinthTalinth Posts: 15
    Aelves are my favourite - really hope they bring out more cards so I can make a pure Aelf deck
  • is it just me or does it seem like deepkin are rarer pulls?

    I've gotten every campaign deck + a full booster box, so despite 28 booster packs, my collection is really limited
  • ZyrrisysZyrrisys Posts: 16

    Deepkin does feel limited. I aggressively traded my destruction cards for them, made some people very happy ;)

  • RancordRancord Posts: 44

    Well if you go for the beast/lotann route, I think you want celestial Prime, to fix your draws. Otherwise you might not get the race you need at the right time

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