Sabertooth Games Warhammer CCGs

Hey all.

Did anyone here play the Sabertooth Games Warhammer or Warhammer 40K CCGs?


  • I've got Horus Heresy and the 40k CCG but not having played against anyone else who knows the rules has meant that the cards have never been played in anger - the Ork deck is still shrink-wrapped! I've searching for a how-to-play video but have yet to find one.
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    Yeah. Now that is a blast from the past! I remember it being utter garbage though. Gutted I lost those when I moved across the country for university. I still have a complete collection of Warhammer invasion and Warhammer conquest, the FFG Fantasy/40k card games

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    Hey there!

    I played both + Dark Millennium. That is the reason why I bought a starter and a couple of boosters for AoS: Champions on the spot, without having had any experience with it at all before. :) :)
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    Went deep in with Horus Heresy years ago trying to collect, ended up having to get whole boxes shipped from the states as I missed the boat a bit
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    Never did get to play though as no one local. Good thing about this one being online
  • WarCry was the first one. Cool game based in the Old World, really liked it.

    Then came Horus Heresy. I didn't played it that much but the Blanche artwork was something worth to collect.

    Then the final product on that line, Dark Millennium. It had some traction in my local scene and the game was good.

    If it was today I'd still buy and play WarCry because of the theme, although the mechanics in 40K:DM were more refined.
  • Oh boy, that was long ago. I can remember the games had some issues with overpowered cards. On the other hand I was a youngster back then, what did I know? But it were fun times though.


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    Oh yeah! I still have most of my old 40k cards from Sabertooth, I played it a LOT when it was out, and loved it. I played Horus Heresy and Dark Millennium a bit, but I didn't like how they made the factions more generic that they lost their individuality. The artwork and card design from those editions are phenomenal though! I also still play Warhammer: Invasion from time to time.....

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