Nagash Control?

Been enjoying the spoilers for onslaught immensely. My favouriteso far has to be this, Fuel the Gravetide.


So will Nagash control be viable? A one turn per game of remove a thing take 3 units from your deck and one from your discard pile and put them to your hand sounds...a bit special.

We can only hope.


  • LuisjoeyLuisjoey Posts: 7
    Nagash it´s very tough **** to fight against... but beatable
  • ThunderfrogThunderfrog Posts: 23

    I've been playing this in testing and its hit or miss.

    Having 6 premium removal is great, and Nagash does a good job of bringing the best beasties back to hand,. Improved Risen stacking units help a lot too. I run..

    Skeleton Champ
    Skeleton Champ
    Accursed Wight King

    I know it seems like the **** Knight would be the intuitive add, but I find the Wight King and skeletons easier to spin for quests than 2 **** Knights and a Skeletal Champ. I also really like his heroic action, as it helps a lot against death mill/stall.

  • axelorqueaxelorque Posts: 12
    Would like to play a decent Nagash deck, it look promising :)
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