First video!

Please excuse the audio. Still working on the levels...

Here is first video of many.


  • TCGangsterTCGangster Posts: 110 ✭✭✭

    GAH! I Just got to work! @VsSchmidtbot I promise when I get home I'll watch your video and let you know what I think. Thanks for your time and effort!


    Nice video! :) Sadly couldn't hear all of it, possibly tweak your voice up if you can slightly. To be honest though, I'm sat on a noisy train so that doesn't help either. Great work though!

  • JaDatoJaDato Posts: 128Moderator

    This was fantastic. I very much appreciate the time and effort put into this for new lore seekers like myself. Good on you sir.

  • rpgplayerrpgplayer Posts: 24
    Nice to see things are growing for the game! Thanks for the contribution towards community
  • ClubP01ClubP01 Posts: 21
    @VsSchmidtbot have you made another video since this one ?
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