SPOILER ARTICLE from DMG Twylite with feedback from Hamsack88 and ZerrisValaren

Hello All! I’m Dmg Twylite.

I’ve got a spoiler review for today….but unlike reviewing other people’s spoilers, here’s one that you haven’t seen before! Because I haven’t showed it to you.

To assist me with the card evaluations, I asked my good friends Hamish(Hamsack88) and Jay(ZerrisValaren) to weigh in on the topic with me with a quick series of questions regarding these.

Since I can’t think of any way to delay showing you the spoiled card, let’s get right to it. I present to you….Cursed Glaive Acolyte.

https://bit.ly/2R0kzvp <-THE SPOILER!

I’ll be providing you my answers as well as theirs to a few key questions that can assist us with breaking even a relatively simply templated card such as this.

The first question we want to ask is the one every tcg player asks themselves when they see a new card for the first time and I want to keep to that tradition.

“Is this card good(competitively playable in ranked)? Why?”

Jay: -This card is pretty mediocre. As for why, - If I put a warrior in between two wizards, then I’m not using Changeling in between two wizards. I think I’d rather have the Changeling give 3 spells +1 damage over having a single unit get +1 damage per spell adjacent.

Hamish: -I think the Unit itself is just Okay. It ties into into a Chaos Wizard themed deck which currently is not a thing when we look at set 1. Set 2 is pushing in that direction, but I don’t think that enough of the cards we’ve currently seen are making that deck competitive.

Kevin: -No. This card exists. It’s not even bad and it certainly has a niche and therefore could see play at some point when you are playing spells, don’t want to deal yourself damage and don’t want daemons. The curve for units is 3/5/7 and this takes a lot of work to get to that top of the line 7 tier. I think that Capricious Flamer will deal 7 more often than the cursed glaive acolyte will.

“What are the benefits this card offers over other similar units in Chaos?”

Jay: -It gives an option to make a deck build that doesn’t use 3 wizards, using only 2 such as a normal wizard and a warrior wizard perhaps.

Hamish: -Not being a Daemon means that he can be targeted with Valkia. If you have a single spell next to him, 5 damage on only 3 corners isn’t too bad.

Kevin: -He’d either have to be a 2 corner 1 / 2 or a 4 corner x/1/1/2 for me to really get excited about him. A 5 damage 3 corner unit isn’t unplayable and a 7 damage unit is obviously exceptional but you need a solid ability to compensate for the times you are just a 3 corner 3 damage unit and I’m not sure a somewhat difficult to activate +1-2 damage gets there enough of the time.

“What would it take to make this card GOOD?”

Jay: -#MWGA. In Tzeentch’s ‘Murica, Wizards are able to multi-task as opposed to being given spells or abilities that can be used while casting. Wizard bashing aside, If this was a Daemon he’d be WAY better since you could Gift of Change for them right into play after smacking faces with the Pink Horrors or something. As it stands, you have to do it the other way around to get the damage bonuses.

Hamish: -I don’t this card is all that BAD. I think this card will start to look better if wizards get more viable and therefore want more spells. You only need one spell on the board before the numbers add up acceptably. I’m sure there will be players rocking the odd spell in their deck, but this guy needs to have a deck with a fair number of spells. You don’t want the deck to stall just to find the card to make this card worth it. If your deck has a decent balance, I could see him doing some work.

Kevin: -I think there needs to be a way beyond Valkia to make you actively want a non-Daemon on the field at the moment. Or you need a way for spells to be more ubiquitous, like a spell that you can play a unit on top of that gives adjacent units a bonus, Khorne’s Chosen style. Chaos has a few units above curve that I’m consistently happy to play already in Wrathmonger/Screamer/Khorgorath/Insatiable and that’s 12 units right there so you are vying for slots over things like Gore-Slick Skullreaper or Transmogrifying Flamer or even Blood Warrior Berserker. 2 spells is a big ask to get the big payout of 7 damage and 3 damage isn’t good enough when I get that out of my 2 corner units right now.

That's all I have for you today friends! I'll see you on the battlefield!


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