Future of Destruction

Hello everyone!

After the tiered ban of various destruction cards + the upcoming changes to the stacking rules. I'm starting to wonder if all these changes to Destruction is really necessary or perhaps: if Destruction has simply been the most popular faction from the start, due to it's recognizability as a iconic force of Orcs and Goblins, whereas the Idoneth haven't really had enough cards (atleast IMO) in the game yet, the stormcast which isn't as prolific, and Chaos which have been pretty focused around Khorne, which is fine but still not as iconic and universal as the Orcs, which people recognize from most fantasy universes. And lastly Death which took along time to get popular due to it's rather unique playstyle (despite being quite good, and recognizable) people tend to go for at faster style of deck build, which isn't Death's primary theme. This is ofc just my personal gut feeling, having followed this game since prelaunch.
I myself, and getting a bit tired with the endless grief that Destruction has gotten. As I feel that the Faction has just gotten a rough deal.
As most competitive players and followers of "The Competitive Edge" on Facebook knows -that there are MANY decks from both Death, Chaos and Order that can beat any sort of Destrution deck. Based on this I personally feel that the critique is somewhat unjustifed. Gordrakk was an issue, but that was an outlier IMO.
I feel like Destruction's playstyle has changed alot, and not neccesarily in any improved manner. I am not trying to spell doom and gloom here, but I was really psyked about Destruction, and right now I'm not really playing them all that much.. And the other factions don't speak to me as much, am I alone in this?

I hope that the new Onslaught Ogors can breathe some new life into Destruction.

What do you guys think?

Best regards


  • I agree that Gordrakk is an issue, but not that it is an "outlier", he's in most competitive Destruction decks, so much that they are everywhere in ranked play. I think the other factions are catching up though, and certainly the next set should level the playing field a bit (this is a good thing).

    The arrival of the Bored2Death deck that consistently beats Destruction, but loses to other decks, has the benefit to Destruction that the Ogors in the new set appear to be getting tools to combat that deck (and play in a different way). This is good for the faction as it will hopefully open up new deck types and get players to think about different options, as all along it was too easy to just play "the best deck", hopefully the new meta will have a much broader range of decks across all the factions.

  • What I mean with "outlier" is that I think that Gordrakk is the only Destruction card which is a problem, and that has led to alot of different cards getting overused and I don't really like the word, but 'abused'. Had Gordrakk just been taken out of matched play from start, and getting a rework and re-release in Onslaught, I believe all the meta-grumpyness could be avoided ;)

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