Campaigns too hard

It was taking all my self-control to not throw my phone across the room with the Archaon campaign but the new (Death themed) one is even harder and I’m struggling to get past the second level. Goodness only knows how hard the final boss will be at this rate, assuming I ever get that far. I don’t mind a challenge but I do like a fair fight, and these campaigns that start with an activated blessing and cards that can straight away **** you of your hand, boost their own attack and all whilst regenerating health is just not a fun experience. It is it just me?


  • Not entirely sure why it has edited out the word "****"...
  • I wasn't aware that "s t r i p" was an objectionable word
  • The final level of the Archaon campaign took me a number of attempts (I'm ashamed to admit that in the end I had to resort to a Death Mill deck), but the Death campaign was easily beaten with a Destro' Gordrakk build, (beating each level on the first attempt, bar the second which took two).

  • iMisterJayiMisterJay Posts: 17

    Death Mill deck?

  • ThunderfrogThunderfrog Posts: 23
    A death deck that does nothing but gain life and recycle cards, in which lets draw heavy decks like orks and the Archaon lose by deck out.

    No shame there. Those challenges are meant to be more than just "winning with your best deck." IMO, a large part of the fun with them is constructing a deck that neuters the huge natural advantages they have over you.

    I think they are a perfect amount of challenge, in both play and deck building.
  • XElchXElch Posts: 20

    ...and some decks just fit... :)

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