Login failed, already logged in elsewhere

Hi, after the ondlaught update I was thrown out of an ongoing game game.
when trying to reconnect and start the app (on ios, Ipad pro) I get the error mesage:

„Login failed, already logged in elsewhere.
Please disconnect and try again“

I have closed all apps on all devices and restarted the device, but the error message stays the same and a I cant login.
Please help!


  • SarhantaïSarhantaï Posts: 4
    Same here and all cards of opened boosters of onslaught are gone ... Gold is back but it's really annoying when you open almost every cards you wanted :(
  • ThunderfrogThunderfrog Posts: 23
    Do you skip your google play login? I've noticed that it happens to me a lot when I skip that part. \
  • takos666takos666 Posts: 37

    same here, i get a message to upgrade the app but there is no upgrade in the app store. maybe there is an update coming our way? it would be great if we got an official response.

  • takos666takos666 Posts: 37

    everything looks back to normal.

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