New Set 2 Lists.

I had a list focussing around playing efficient spells and units to control the board and gain life/draw cards with set 1 and Ive been trying to tweak it with set 2 cards and this is the current version.


Bloodseeker Sanguinarch (replaced Bloody Vampire Queen)
Varghulf Courtier
Hungering Vampire Lord
Skeleton Champion

Total Points: 20
Starting Life: 29


Cursed Altar
Turmoil of Souls
Supernatural Horror
Orb of Immortality


3x Charging Black Knight
3x Crypt Shield Black Knight
3x Feasting Vargheist
2x Freakish Crypt Horror
2x Balefire Corpse Cart
2x Unhallowed Mortis Engine
3x Devour
2x Fuel the Gravetide
1x Deathly Resolve
2x Wraithstorm (seems fun and I wanted to try it)
3x Living Wood (just seems better than Unholy Vitality)
2x Soul Stealer
2x Frightful Touch

Just wanted to get peoples opinions, I was having lots of fun with the previous version on the app and honestly while winning is awesome, having fun is something Id prioritize over sheer competitiveness.

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