Mordant Control - The king and his court

I put this deck together and have had incredible success, more than expected. I thought the Courtiers would give too bad of a start but I have hardly lost with this deck so far. It is definitely a deck where the sum is greater than its parts. It's deceptive control, try it, I think it will surprise you the control it gives throughout the game:

Abhorrant Ghoul King
Crypt Haunter Courtier
Varghulf Courtier X2

Morbid Terror - Must Have
Orb of Immortality - (Sub - Cursed Alter or Reaper of Sorrows)
The Royal Hunt - (Sub - Cloak of Mist & Shadows or Reaper of Sorrows)
Turmoil of Souls - Must have

Fearsome Crypt Flayer x3 - Great
Feasting Vargheist x2 - I found 3 was too many
Freakish Crypt Horror x3 - Needed
Frenzied Vargheist x1 - Needed another removal option for Varghulfs
Ravenous Crypt Ghoul x3 - Damage
Scrabbling Horror x1 - Still testing
Shambling Ghoul Horde x1 - Still testing

Black Hunger x2
Flesh to Stone x2
Frightful Touch x1
Scrying Pool x1

Considering Wraithstorm but need more testing, don't like that it is a 4 corner card.

Cursed Strike x3
Devour x3 - Auto include
Frightful Strike x3 - Amazing card with these champs
Opportunity Strike - Needed for finishing quests/damage


I always show the Crypt Haunter first. Great thing is not much matters other than flanking the King with the Varghulfs. This gives you +2 health for every spell played. This makes spells amazingly efficient and increases their utility. Having both Varghulfs get +1 damage on abilities makes it easier to land their utility and still get the extra damage. Especially true of Frightful Strike. It is almost guaranteed you will have at least one, sometimes two or three champions that have greater point value. Try to get one of the varghulfs so Frightful strike can get extra damage and still make them return a card to their deck. Playing Frightful Strike first turn is a great way to basically get free 4 damage and one rotation on a varghulf. I cannot stress how powerful it is to make the opponent return 3 cards and take 12 damage using just 3 cards. Makes it very difficult for them to get any momentum.

The trick is that the opponent doesn't seem to realize until it's too late you are controlling them. Frightful strikes makes them put a card back. Frightful touch can really put on the pain once you get them low on cards. Use Crypt Flayers to make it difficult for them to bring units out effectively. Once you hit Turmoil of souls, you have often made them return 2-4 cards to the deck, Removed 2 cards with devour, possibly even one with the Vargheist. It is common to keep them at one card in hand.

Black Hunger is so much better now that you can stack your mordants better with the flayer, scrabbling horror, and shambling ghoul horde. Put down a Ravenous Crypt Ghoul or Freakish Crypt Horror first, follow with a flayer the same turn you play Black hunger, throw a scrabbling or shambling on first turn after Black hunger is active. Profit.

Flesh to stone, feasting vargheist, and scrying pool get your cards coming in while healing at the same time. Makes it so much easier to play scrying pool knowing you got two health so even if they remove it, you are in good shape. Same with Flesh to Stone, two health makes it feel good to play. Frightful touch becomes a 6 health swing, I wanted to put another in but there just isn't room. Too many spells can cause bad draws as they do nothing for rotation.

Crypt Haunter Courier: Slap a Freakish Crypt Horror and watch him rotate 3 times if they don't remove.
Varghulf - Easy once you get the removal out of the way. You have 4 cards for it so pay attention! Often use abilities to rotate damage. I almost always get one blessing and about 1/3 time get both.
Ghoul King - Most rare to get blessing as he is playing some spells to gain health and bring utility. Can be swung around if you have a nice health lead.

Let me know your thoughts and questions. I am loving this deck. It's challenging to play but feels pretty competitive at the same time.


  • DietzenDietzen Posts: 3
    I like it :) removed the healing mordant for another rend one, but other than that, it's nice :-)
    Wraith storm needs 3 to really be effective
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