No time for selecting a deck

TigerclawTigerclaw Posts: 13

Version: 7ba5da26 (0.14.0) 2017.4.9f1 11/26/2018 16:13:00
Android 5.1.1
Since the Onslaught Update a big problem for me.

If i start a queue for a PvP match (both casual or ranked) and accepting to start by clicking on the "Accept" button, the screen freezes for like 5 to 10 sec. After that, the time bar for selecting a deck is over / or nearly over and giving me no time to chose and select a deck.
Even before Onslaught update this was really unkomfortabel for me because i have easily more than 40-50 decks.
And having a time preasure to select the right deck makes you select by mistake a wrong one.
Because of this problem right now i miss more than 50% of all matches.
This makes me and i guess also my opponent unhappy.

Knowing it from other games i would like to select first my deck before going into the queue.
This way the games can also start faster after both player press the acceptance button.


  • I agree, being able to have the deck select screen before the game select screen would be helpful. I don't have many decks to choose from, but I understand it could be a pain if I did (plus, it probably stops me from building lots of decks for this reason).

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