Charging Bloodcrusher, Goreglaive Blood Warrior removal ability question.

Quick question, does their card's removal ability only trigger when the card rotates to a numerical value instead of the X?


  • BlueWolfBlueWolf Posts: 21

    Simple answer is yes. More precisely a unit is not active when it has an "X" in the corner (see below). It does not have to have a number to be active, it could be a blank circle, and still be active (examples of this are Foot of Gork and Pyroelectric Blast) None of a Unit’s effects are active while the current corner has
    an X in it, or when the Unit is about to Exhaust ( 6.1 ). Even
    if the rotation symbol is empty, the Unit is still active.

  • grimdrakengrimdraken Posts: 15

    Thanks for that. I appreciate the response.

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