Losing after Skarbrands player kills himself

ThunderfrogThunderfrog Posts: 23

Skarbrands owner drops to 0 hp first. I shouldn't lose those games.

Example, card does 2 damage to skarbrand to do 5 damage to me.


  • Comprehensive Rules

    5.1.4: The exception to the above is if a player is reduced to 0
    health as a result of a card they played or Heroic Act they
    used (even if it was just responsible for triggering an effect
    that then reduced them to 0 health). In this case, that
    player’s card is fully played out, then they are removed

    5.1.5: If both players are reduced to 0 health during the same
    action being played out; the player whose turn it is wins

  • ThunderfrogThunderfrog Posts: 23

    That's dumb. At least it's not a big I guess.

  • I think it's done to prevent a draw happening in the game. There's also an achievement to win a game at 0 health!

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