Rallying Cry Not Proccing Savage Boar Boss

Platform: Android

Platform Version: Android 8.1.0

Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Brief description of Bug:
Beast unit does not advance a corner when placed onto Savage Boar Boss through Rallying Cry.

Events leading up to Bug:
Deck contains two Savage Boar Bosses. I played Rallying Cry on one SBB but placed the two units on two different cards because that SBB already had a unit. The first unit I played was Pouncing Wolf Rider onto the second SBB. The unit did not advance one corner (so I didn't get the extra action).

Did you resolve the issue in any way (even if temporary):


  • HilariusHilarius Posts: 2Unconfirmed
    Oops, posted to wrong area.
  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod
    edited December 2018

    Hey Hilarius

    Correct on wrong place to post, but we have all done that at some point (including us Community Managers)

    Just to advise the Savage Boar Boss will be fixed in the next updating update

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