Azyrite Halo

Bit annoying when your opponent has 4 health remaining, you have a azyrite halo on the field, and they remove a unit and it does no damage. Love ranked play...


  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod
    edited December 2018

    Hey chiggdarr

    Thanks for informing us about this, we fixed this during our recent update and prior to this looked into it in Novemeber.

    To further investigate was this just the one time that it occured?

    Can you remember what you had in the field and/or what card removed your unit from the field of play?


  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod

    We have checked the card and from our side it's working fine; let us know if anything has changed your end

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