If you're wondering why it seems less and less people are playing your game (looking at the ranked leaderboards season on season a fair chunk of people have stopped playing) it might have something to do with the dreadful balance that has been introduced into the game. First season it was Gordrakk, every game in ranked seemed to be against destruction! This season, Chaos is an absolute embarrassment. I've just played 8 straight games in ranked all against Skarbrand decks. It feels as if no thought has gone into the balance of this game and you've decided to print cards without playing them first. You get an opponent down to half health and now his abilities are doing 3 more damage - brainless. In addition, just look at his quests - damage, damage, ability, ability. I don't understand what you were thinking putting this card into production. I'd suggest you create a mechanic that removes these cards from competitive play as its just ruining the game.

I really enjoyed the first season and have spent £150 on cards but it feels as if you are trying to get more and more players to build decks that are brainless by creating overpowered champions. A 9 value champion with that quest progression and ability is creating a game that is getting people frustrated are forcing them to no longer play...

I'd fix something if it were me.


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    Thank you for the feedback - we are constantly looking at new ways and discussions regarding balancing. You can read all the latest changes on our main website.

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    Skarbrand is a consistant turn 2 flip and when his simple mechanics combine with chaoss amazing blessings and many damage cards... Its a too easy recipe that many people are copying.

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    @chiggdarr "If you're wondering why it seems less and less people are playing your game"

    In Ranked. Many people i know didn't start in Ranked and i see them online playing Casual. As me, i've just made pre-ranked 5 games and stopped. Now i'm focused on missions/campaign and playing Casual only.
  • This is a problem that most players are aware of that we are hoping will PF will do something about soon.
    Long wait times for ranked, play the same player or 2 over and over, the same broken and boring decks, with little fun or reward for time spent playing.
    Still playing and streaming regularly tho...

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