Adding a Friend to your friend list should require consent from user being added

Platform: Android

Platform Version: Android 8.0.0

Phone Model: LG G6

Brief description of Feedback :
After discussion with another (lower ranked) Diamond ranked player, it was revealed to me that they have added me and other top ranked players to their friends list in order to snipe us in the ranked queue when we are active. Due to the low number of players at top levels, it is possible to game the matchmaking system in that way, since a person sitting in queue for a while will be auto-matched to a lower ranked player upon them joining the queue. They have also mentioned that they use the information that players tend to play a specific deck to counterpick a deck for a favorable matchup.

It seems to me the most efficient way to curb this sort of scouting and sniping in the ranked queue is to require players to acquiesce to a friend request, or give them the option to reject requests, block players from making friend requests, and the like.

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