A curious question about playing Chaos


I don't play Champions often -- I'm primarily a miniature gamer.
I really need a faction that hits hard and doesn't require a ton of synergy -- because my collection is not large.
Death, for instance, are fun but seems to really need those keyworded cards to match up. I'm struggling with them.
I play order and love the simplicity but find them kind of boring to my general aesthetic and imagination.
So I have some questions as i'm considering picking up a Chaos starter to add to my collection. How does Chaos play in brief summary?
Can I get away with being aggro without being so locked out of combos like in the Death arena?

I Love the art and am a devotee of Nurgle and Slaanesh in the warhammer minis game.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


  • Hi, welcome to Chaos! Yes, Chaos can be a very simple deck to play (there are more complex decks in Chaos if you want to branch out). The most effective deck is a straight forward aggro deck (similar to Red in Magic: The Gathering if you're familiar with that game). The great thing I find with this game is that many of the common and uncommon cards are useful (and good), unlike in some games where it can be a struggle to get your hands on lots of rare cards to make the deck work.

    Try it out on the app also, try a few different things. There's also a few good articles (links posted in the forums) that are worth a read. Good luck!

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    Chaos is your best bet, the top deck right now is similar to MTG burn spells. And the burn cards are common/uncommon.

    Destruction is mega combo oriented and needs many rares. Avoid.

    Order is still underpowered and I'd avoid. They have the worse starter blessing as well too. (Each stater deck has a unique ultra rare blessing)

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