Feedback to player feedback?

This post is coming from one the of the few people still suffering through the current meta and ranked ladder based on the match up ranked time, playing the same people, and the lack of discussion on forums(besides rants about something).
Im not going to get into the problems that we all know and have expressed. However, the silence from Playfusion makes me worry just as much as the problems themselves. We have heard from others that they have heard thing will be happening but thats it. There are many avenues that Playfusion requests feedback from, but we dont get much response.
I still play a couple hours a day and stream regularly, but honestly at this point it just isnt even enjoyable anymore. I really wish Playfusion would address some of our many concerns so that we have some light at the end of this very dark tunnel.


  • Agreed, our local said they reached out to Playfusion and have heard nothing. It is very disappointing since the game is very solid. Btw when you streaming next?
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    @Sherlock_Clones Ill probably be streaming tonight or tomorrow since theres a new event. Doing ranked play just ends up in rants about the games and no one is really interested in the current meta or waiting 5-10 minutes for games.

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