Understanding Deadly Chop

I try to understand the behaviour of "Deadly Chop" and wonder if this is a bug or I just don't get it.

(1)The last 2 of my champion's (Rip-Tooth Megaboss) quest objectives can be solved with only one "Deadly chop"... does this work as intended? oO If yes, why?

(2) "Deadly Chop" says "Remove. 1 Dmg." But if the Dmg is blocked, it does not remove. Again... does this work as intended? I don't understand the dmg as a condition for the removal?!

Thank you mates.


  • DarkCornflakeDarkCornflake Posts: 35


    "Deadly Chop" should complete the last 2 quest corners on Rip-Tooth Megaboss. Playing the ability triggers the first corner and removing the unit triggers the Megaboss' ability, rotating the 4th corner. If the unit cannot be removed (and it has to be a Unit, not a Spell), then the corner won't rotate since it has to remove the unit. The damage would still be dealt, providing there is no damage reduction, but the damage itself will not rotate the last corner because a champion can only rotate 1 corner per card per turn.

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    Oh ****, sorry, I'm noob af :D Of course, it's the champion's ability itself which does the second step forward -.-
    Many thanks.

    What about my second question... same trivial explanation? :/ This was meant as separate "problem", different from (1). I saw "Deadly Chop" not removing a unit when dmg is blocked. Or in other words: do I understand the card right: remove and dmg should not be connected. If damage is blocked, the unit should be removed anyways - if not, I should look for another reason?
  • SirPentSirPent Posts: 27

    The 2 things are not connected, you are right.
    The reason for your case could be a Paladin Protector in the lane next to it ( Link card: reducing damage received from highlighted enemies and highlighted allied Units cannot be removed).

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